7 Questions to Ask Your Furniture Salesperson

For most home owners and business owners, buying new furniture is a big decision. A decision involving money running into hundreds and millions of naira. A lot of people make furniture purchases without being armed with these questions and therefore spend more than it is necessary in the process. Before you get started, take a look at this list of questions to ask your supplier before you begin your next home or office interior project.


Can I get a better price? You are spending your hard earned money, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. When you walk into a furniture store, most likely you will see price tags on everything. A salesperson will also quote you a price if asked. However, do not always take this at face value. Ask to get a better price, ask to speak to the supervisor or manager. Depending on level, every store attendant has a limit to the discount that can be given, the higher you go, the better deal you will get. It never hurts to ask.

What kind of materials are used in the manufacturing of the items? I always advise my clients not to be too carried away with the sophistication of a furniture design but find out how the furniture was made along with the materials used in its manufacture. All these affect the quality of the item. For instance, if you’re buying a dining set, ask for the type of wood used. The best woods are hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, oak, maple, or teak. At LargeLife furniture, we use mahogany and Oakwood for all our dining sets and carved furniture items and offer a generous 5 years warranty.

What guarantees am I getting? Anytime any day, I would always advise you find out about any guarantees the store offers. If you plan on patronizing small furniture companies who build and customize furniture items from the scratch, be sure to get a warranty. Imagine you bought a mahogany bed frame for hundreds of thousands of naira and it is bringing out wood dust after 6 months of normal use. This could happen because the wood was not well processed and sun-dried before being sprayed. Protect yourself always. Insist the seller gives a word of guarantee in writing even if it is just on the sales invoice. That way if anything happens through normal use, be sure you have a good case

What other items are in the same price range? It is always good to look at all the options before you make up your mind. Take a look at similar items, because you may find that some other piece fits your needs better. If the piece you like seems a little above your budget, also ask to see similar items in another price range. You might be able to find something that is less expensive, and very close to what you like.

Who is responsible for delivery and installation? Avoid the misunderstanding of who will responsibility for delivery. Ask head on and use it as a bargaining chip as well.

What happens if things go wrong? About 2 years ago, we did a sofa set for a client. Upon delivery, the sofa would not pass through staircase no matter how we tried. All the windows and balcony entrance had iron frames too. Paint this scenario or any other one you can think of to your salesperson and note the response. See if you are comfortable with the response.

What kind of service and support do you offer after the sale? We know things happen. Make sure you get the assurance that someone will take care of you in the weeks and months after your delivery and installation are complete.


We’re ready for you and eager to help you with all your furniture projects. We offer:

  • Expertise: Our specialists/artisans are smart, experienced and ready to make your furniture project as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.
  • Value: Budgets come in all sizes, so we make sure to have products to match.
  • Affordability: We cultivate winning relationships with our raw material suppliers to get best prices and pass the savings to you.

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