Largelife Furniture - Your One-Stop Furniture Store

In 2016, Largelife Furniture assisted one of her clients, a major international private school in Nigeria, based in Lagos and Abuja to have savings of over 25% on its furniture acquisition for that year when compared with the quotes submitted by other furniture companies. Of course, the school requested that we supply them again in 2017; the school achieved even further savings.

Before 2016 and beyond, we have assisted hundreds of individuals and corporate organizations to achieve significant savings in the course of acquiring furniture items both for home and office use while still providing great value.

It is not complicated. We just focus on what matters – great furniture + great prices =Great Value

Our Mission

The DREAM all started with a sincere effort to answer these 4 simple questions

  • Why should lovers/buyers of quality furniture have to spend so much to get what they want?
  • Should a customer wait endlessly for his/her items to be delivered after advance payment has been paid? Reason.
  • Why should anyone spend their hard earned money on substandard, boring furniture items all in the name of affordability/ low budget especially working class professionals?
  • Why should anyone be scared of buying furniture ON ORDERS only, thinking “what if I don’t like the output?”.

We want to make beautiful and high quality furniture accessible to every family in the Nigeria. This means that all of our mattresses, sofas, and hardwood furniture pieces are designed to the best specification, and at the lowest possible prices.

And we know that price matters, so we have unique direct relationships with our suppliers with no middlemen or wholesalers involved to drive up costs. This means that we can offer you unbeatable prices, while designing products with the same luxury touches we would want in our own homes.

Our unique business model allows us to pass those savings straight from our furniture-makers to you, with everyday great low prices and incredible sales whenever possible!

Why Largelife Furniture?

Largelife Furniture, the furniture store, has the backing and infrastructure of a huge global furniture leader.

Largelife Furniture is the largest furniture specialist in Nigeria; our store which is supported by a quality infrastructure working from proven systems. This ensures that when you order furniture for your lounge or dining room from Largelife Furniture; we know that we can deliver not only quality furniture but the service to go with it.

That sounds like it comes at a price. We don’t aim to be the cheapest, but we do aim to be your favorite furniture retailer, inspiring you with intelligent styling and design to make your furniture work for your busy home life. Essentially, Largelife Furniture provides you with a choice of quality furniture for your lounge and dining at value prices.

How We Do It

LARGELIFE FURNITURE was thereafter conceived to provide simple solutions to simple questions through the following ways:

  1. Good quality at great prices – We provide good quality products at low prices. How do we do it?
  • We negotiated special discounts with our suppliers, we bargain hard to get the best price and the pass the savings to you.
  • We buy in volume to get best prices.
  • Largelife keeps her operational costs low because every naira (NGN) we save is a naira you save
  • We looked inward, we cut back on our profit margin (which became lower than industry average). All for one purpose : Good quality at great prices
  1. Ultra-fast delivery period NATIONWIDE – How do we do it?
  • We swing into action the minute we receive mobilization. No time to waste, no dragging. Quality has to be delivered timely. In our over 4 years of existence, we have never missed a delivery time. This is because we take our customers seriously. So if you have a tight deadline to meet….we will come through for you …all at no extra cost…..
  • We optimized the division of labor principle which has led to specialization and efficiency.
  1. Customer first, customers always: The business is not about us, it is all about our customers- YOU…..We provide the following to give our customers the ultimate service
  • Money back policy (If we get your colour or the design wrong)
  • Installmental payment for return customers
  • Warranty on all our products up to 4 years for some products
  • Flexible mode of payment – Bitcoin and One coin accepted (one of the First furniture companies in West Africa to accept crytocurrency)

Want to learn more?

See how our high quality construction makes a difference in our sofas, mattresses, and furniture.

Check out our great delivery options and finance offerings to see how easy it is to bring high quality and long-lasting pieces home today.

Learn about our company by contacting us today – and see how you could be part of Largelife Furniture story.

We are quite aware that the furniture industry is highly competitive in Nigeria, we will, however, do all it takes to stay abreast of our competition at all times….. ALL FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!!!!