Ambode Series 6 Seater Premium Leather Sectional sofa


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  1. Product consists of a 3 seater a single seater   a relaxing couch 6 throw pillows. Ideal for a young contemporary family/user
  2. Sitting area of the sofa more spacious than industry standard. 3 seater (70 inches) a single seater (23 inches) & Relaxing couch (40 inches)

  3. Production Timeline – (2-3 weeks)**

  4. Components – Hardwood, Premium 32 Density Hard Gray Foam and Premium Soft feel durable &Quality  leather mahogany wood for the wooden designs

  5. Warranty on Leather – 24 months

  6. Other Customisations avaliable? Fabric, other colours available, Supersoft foam finish)

***** This product is more spacious than it looks. We know You do not want a cramped sofa with small sitting area.

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